City of Norfolk


Norfolk, Virginia

Completion Date



Work Program Architects and Ray Gindroz have developed a series of pattern books for commercial and mixed-use development in the City of Norfolk. The publications utilize clear, 3D graphics that were custom created for each unique area of the City in order to be easily understood by citizens, builders, developers, City staff, the Architectural Review Board, and Planning Commission. They are a companion to the zoning ordinance, created to make the development process more predictable, and serve as a checklist and a conversation starter in the planning approval process. They provide guidelines for the development of commercial properties that reinforce and enhance the unique qualities of each of the three Character Districts: Traditional, Suburban, and Coastal.

The three pattern books guide the developer and design team to architectural and site planning solutions that:

  • Support comfortable pedestrian-scale development and encourage human interaction
  • Provide patterns for the design of streets and public spaces that enhance walkability and open space
  • Provide amenities and connectivity to encourage alternate modes of transportation
  • Encourage mixed-use development, including residential, on commercial sites
  • Encourage renovation and adaptive reuse
  • Provide guidance that anticipates changes in retail, commercial, and residential development
  • Promote socio-economic and environmental resiliency, vibrancy, and inclusivity