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Work Program Architects has been focused the creation of pattern books that suggest guidelines for commercial and mixed-use development in the City. The publications utilize clear, 3D graphics that are custom created for each unique situation and easily understood by citizens, builders, developers, City staff, the Architectural Review Board, and Planning Commission.

Norfolk is a city of beautiful neighborhoods, built at different periods of time, each with its own unique character. To support these unique qualities, the zoning ordinance has identified four Character Districts: 1)Traditional 2) Suburban 3) Coastal, and 4) Downtown (see the Downtown Norfolk Pattern Book).

Commercial areas are located within and along the edges of these neighborhoods. Some of these reflect the character of their District, but many do not, especially those on major roads which are frequently gateways into the neighborhoods. For many, the large parking lots, placeless commercial architecture, and lack of landscaping do not appropriately represent the neighborhoods they serve.

The purpose of this Pattern Book is to provide guidelines for the development of commercial properties that will reinforce and enhance the unique qualities of each
of the three Character Districts: Traditional, Suburban, and Coastal.

The pattern book will:

  • • Provide architectural patterns to support comfortable pedestrian scale development and encourage human interaction
  • Provide patterns for the design of streets and public spaces that enhance walkability and open space
  • Provide amenities and connectivity to encourage alternate modes of transportation
  • Provide guidance that anticipates 09 changes in retail, commercial, and
    residential development

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208 E. Plume Street
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