Wonder Studio


The Chrysler Museum’s new Wonder Studio is located directly off of Huber Court. This family-friendly interactive experience is designed for people of all ages to immerse themselves in the world of art. The Wonder Studio blends analog art from the Collection with digital interactions that encourage visitors to think about how artists have portrayed the human body throughout time, and explore ways to create new, human-focused art. The Wonder Studio includes three exhibits:
The Studio uses a digital version of an artist’s easel that allows visitors to trace over and combine various works in the collection, projecting the finished art up on the wall for all to see and enjoy!

The Colorscape is a fully immersive experience that encourages jumping, dancing, and movement and responds to movement with multicolored moving projections.

The Artquarium lets visitors climb into the space get inches away from paintings in the Collection, seeing brushstrokes and other details that have never before been experienced.

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208 E. Plume Street  Monticello Arcade, Suite 2 Norfolk, VA 23510 Studio: 757.227.5310
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208 E. Plume Street
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