Dominion Enterprises Device Lab

DE-DEVICE-LAB-visualization-package1Dominion Enterprises hired WPA to conduct a one-day charrette to help design a new Device Lab—a place where developers, help desk, audio/visual, creative, and administrative staff could come together to work on testing and development of mobile apps.

The Device Lab will have four main functions: 1) To show off the newest product lines from device vendors, 2) to display and store devices that will be used for testing, 3) to provide space for individuals or teams to use the devices and perform testing, and 4) to accommodate the Help Desk operations. Amenities include a coffee bar, reconfigurable furniture for informal gathering and collaboration, bar-height table, informal amphitheater seating area, conference room, and an active learning space.DE-DEVICE-LAB-visualization-package3DE-DEVICE-LAB-visualization-package2DE-DEVICE-LAB-visualization-package4

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400 Granby Street  Suite 301 Norfolk, VA 23510 Studio: (757) 227-5310

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400 Granby Street
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