Tim Bearse “Bed Nappings and Fruit Off the Vine”

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Tim Bearse

Bed Nappings and Fruit Off the Vine

Opening Reception: Friday December 5th 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Tim Bearse’s sculptures and mixed-media artwork reference the composition, form, and velocity of skateboarding videos. His objects, which at first glance appear to be modernist abstractions, borrow their shape from concrete swimming pools and community-built ramps. The referents, and their larger culture, are specific, though they ultimately point toward something larger: the built environment’s capacity for intervention, collectivization and empathy; the creative potential of kinesthetic awareness; the complexities of tactile, modular forms; and speed as a method of non-lingual communication.

In addition to Bearse’s three-dimensional pool models, all sourced from archival skateboard magazine sketches, ephemera from existing skate sites are layered into and on top of his objects. Together, they create a larger collective archive, or super model. Bearse cites the work of mid-century sculptors such as Barbara Hepworth and Frederick Kiesler as critical to the evolution of modern sculptural abstraction and a reclamation of the individual and cooperative craftsmanship in industrial materials.

Bearse received his BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. He’s currently a visiting assistant professor at Ohio State University.


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