Thank you to all of the artists and guest for a fantastic opening of TRANSFORMATION.
The exhibition will be on display until May 24th at the WPA Gallery. The gallery is located in the historic Monticello Arcade at 208 E Plume Street, Norfolk, VA.





Sol’s Partners to develop site to house Making Space, Inc.


WPA was hired by Sol’s Partners to develop a site off of Bridge Road in Suffolk.  Sol’s Partners wish to construct a structure to house Making Space, Inc.

Making Space, Inc., will be a small, local business focused on providing a rich mix of services and facilities to local entrepreneurs, established businesses and homeowners. Phase 1 of the project is a structure of approximately 45,000 square feet, of which 37,000 square feet are dedicated to a self-storage facility. Future phases will include garage spaces, collaborative workshops, and offices.

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Model Exploration

Our part time intern, Olivia, currently studying at The University of Virginia, recently did an intense  two week model exploration in studio. Her Professor, Matthew Jull of OMA, created his studio entitled “The End of the World as We Know it”, focusing on creating buildings for uncertainty or more precisely the up coming Apocalypse on December 21st. Their first project was to pick 5 words that embodied uncertainty like hoarding, defence, or protection. For each word the students had to create 3 models describing each word.

Boat Model

Fabrication for the structural elements for a boat’s front half.

The model is rotating on a stand.

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