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WPA has been working with the City of Norfolk for the past two years on the redevelopment of the St. Paul’s area. After listening to the residents through many working sessions, WPA and Ray Gindroz have developed and illustrated the following principles for the future development of the St. Paul’s area:

1. Create a park system to protect from flooding and provide recreation amenities

2. Create a community-wide campus with educational opportunities for all ages

3. Restore church Street as the heart of the community with shops, food stores, health and medical facilities

4. Create pedestrian Scale connections to opportunities in the larger community

5. Build a pattern of neighborhood streets and blocks to create a framework for a mixed-use, mixed income community

6. Provide a diverse mix of residential development ranging from single-family and town homes to small and large scale apartments

7. Provide employment opportunities at the edges of the community for residents

In July of 2018, WPA participated in a community-wide charrette for the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative HUD Grant with the City of Norfolk, NRHA, The Communities Group, and the lead architect and planner, Torti Gallas + Partners. Together, we worked to advance a plan that creates a framework for new development that meets the needs of the community.

Renderings of the 7 Principles by Depiction Illustration

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