Dominion Enterprises


Norfolk, Virginia


4,500 square feet

Completion Date

Not Built


As a media and information services company for the automotive, real estate, and travel industries, and a developer of technology solutions for customers, Dominion Enterprises is always interested in new ideas. The company asked Work Program Architects to help them envision the design of a new ‘Device Lab,” where developers, help desk, audio/visual, creative and administrative staff could come together to develop and test new mobile apps.

The Device Lab is conceived as having a threefold function:

  1. To display the latest and greatest portable electronic devices
  2. To provide for the ability to test mobile apps on devices in various ways: as individuals or teams in both formal and informal settings
  3. To establish a new consolidated Help Desk for the client’s entire Headquarters building.

WPA designed the new casework, finishes, and selection of collaborative furniture.

400 Granby Street  Suite 301 Norfolk, VA 23510 Studio: (757) 227-5310

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400 Granby Street
Suite 301
Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 227-5310
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