MEASURED | Peter Eudenbach

MEASURED | Peter Eudenbach
presented by popblossom
208 East Plume St, Norfolk, VA 23510
Showing: Sept. 18—Oct. 31, 2017
Opening: 6:30-8:30pm, Friday, Sept 29

popblossom is pleased to present MEASURED, recent works by Peter Eudenbach. Please join us for the Opening, Friday, September 29th, 6:30-8:30pm at WPA Studio + Gallery, located in The Monticello Arcade in Downtown Norfolk, VA.


“A common strategy in my work is to remove the practical function of objects, freeing them to function as poetic vehicles, with an emphasis on conceptual scale rather than physical scale.”
—Peter Eudenbach

Peter Eudenbach creates conceptual works of art that “explore the relationship between function and absurdity while also playing with our expectations of the commonplace.” In much of Eudenbach’s recent works of sculpture and cyanotype prints, measurement is a recurring theme—a measured beat, a unit of measure, a measure of truth. Employing his signature style—paradox with a dash of humor—Eudenbach’s artworks amuse as well as challenge conventional assumptions. Conceptually layered and intellectually intriguing, this exhibition of recent works is sure to arouse the imagination and leave the viewer divining his/her world a little differently.

Peter Eudenbach’s creative practice includes sculpture, video, and curatorial projects. A 2007 recipient of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship, Eudenbach’s work has been shown nationally and internationally in galleries and museums. Based in Norfolk, VA, Eudenbach teaches at Old Dominion University where he is also the Chair of the Art Department.


popblossom is a distinctive framework for art and exhibition-making that is fluid, collaborative and relevant for our times. For more information, email us at

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