Selected Works by Kurt Godwin

Presented by the Godwin Family
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The Godwin Family is pleased to present, DECONSTRUCTING THE WHEEL, an introduction to the late painter, Kurt Douglas Godwin, one of DC’s most accomplished artists over the last 30 years—Opening April 21 and showing through May 25, 2017. An Opening Reception is scheduled for Friday, April 21st, 6:30-8:30pm in Work Program Architects Gallery located in The Monticello Arcade, at 208 East Plume Street, in Downtown Norfolk.

How can any artist avoid physics when their tools will always consist of Time, Space, and Light? It is important to get a grip on some of the speculations on these essential elements. It has been interesting and liberating to get to a place to work that is beyond oneself—to abandon autobiography—to provoke new ways of thinking or seeing about universal quandaries that have been pondered by the great thinkers of the ages – to update the myths of ancient times and offer another analogy or parable in the continuing investigations of this universe we find ourselves in. —Kurt Godwin

DECONSTRUCTING THE WHEEL features the paintings of the late conceptual artist, Kurt Godwin. Permeating the selected works is a rich visual language. Juxtaposing emblems in alchemy with imagery from the natural world, Godwin addresses philosophical perplexities while endeavoring to understand the universe in which we live.

Godwin’s interest in philosophy and the natural sciences informed his deft compositions, which are imbued with carefully chosen imagery. Among the various images and symbols inhabiting his canvases, the wheel or an abstract representation thereof, often takes center stage. Godwin employed various iterations of the wheel (mandala wheel, bicycle wheel, Ferris wheel, water wheel, even the carousel), and spent considerable time exploring the meaning of it—in life, and the universal force that continuously shapes our journey. From his ruminations about the wheel as a symbolic object—more specifically the carousel—Godwin writes, “The carousel, as a metaphor, has several universal connotations generally dealing with the idealized innocence of youth. As a ride that revolves, (similarly with the Ferris wheel), its circular path can also signify (that of) the Wheel(s) of Life & Fortune. Combining these views with the carousels symbolism: innocence lost, the constancy of life, and fate, are an allusion to the individual, and society at large…”

While we attempt to undress the many layers of Godwin’s paintings, it is important to know that these paintings will speak to anyone, without need for interpretation. In parallel, those seeking a more unorthodox, avant-garde style of art, heavily coded with metaphorical allegories in pictures with symbolism in art, will welcome the cerebral feast.

Kurt Douglas Godwin was born in Frankfurt Germany, and died at age 58 on Sept 19th, 2014 in Alexandria, VA., after a battle with cancer. Kurt was a passionate and imaginative artist, loving husband, friend, role model and professor. He lived for the opportunity to express himself and his unique perspectives of the world through his writings, drawings, paintings and jest. When not creating, chatting about or showing art, Kurt was found “holding court” in his living room where good friends and family would gather for music, cocktails and comedy.

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