The Plot

WPA has been heavily involved over the last 6 months with an ad hoc committee assembled by the Downtown Norfolk Council tasked with bringing life to an empty lot at the core of our downtown. The site is the future home of a Westin hotel and conference center that has been delayed by the economic downturn. Rather than let it sit empty and forlorn, we have put together plans to activate the space (on a very limited budget) largely using reclaimed materials.









The overall plan provides for:
-A stage and bleacher seating for programmed and impromptu performances
-Tables and seating for socializing
-Parking space for Food Trucks
-Recreation in the form of half-court basketball

The reclaimed materials include:
-Deer rubbed trees from the city nursery
-Planters from the previous Granby Pedestrian Mall
-Used shipping containers
-Used shipping pallets
-Discarded sidewalk pavers

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400 Granby Street  Suite 301 Norfolk, VA 23510 Studio: (757) 227-5310

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