The PLOT – Containers in Downtown!

Containers for the PLOT being delivered








The PLOT construction is well underway now that the containers have arrived and been erected on site. Many thanks to Maersk Lines for coming through with some beautiful containers for this project! This was a critical first step so that the site work can get underway. It was an exciting three days of hoisting, welding, and filling the containers to be sure they are in a stable position. In addition to being an abstraction of the tower that we hope to see built on this site in the near future, these upright containers will serve as a visual anchor for the corner of the PLOT as well as the mounting location for much of the signage telling passersby that this is a place for them and how it came to be that way. Now that the containers are out of the way, the rest of the site is being graded, sawn, excavated, and replanted. There should be some great volunteer opportunities to build benches, paint planters, and plant plants starting at the beginning of May.


View of the containers from the Main St. Garage










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