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What Do You See (the continuing saga of the Kiosk) at ArchEx East

The ELA class project that Thom has been engaged in for the whole of 2011 came to a conclusion at ArchEx East, the annual regional architecture convention which takes place each Fall at the Richmond Convention Center. The group presented the project to a group of attendees which included leaders in the professional and academic realms of the architectural discipline, such as key administrators and officers of the VSAIA, Virginia Tech Dean of CAUS Jack Davis, FAIA, and principals of prominent firms both regional AND national. Michelle Kaufmann, principal of Michelle Kaufmann Studio and the Keynote Speaker for the conference, attended the presentation and provided positive feedback.


Kiosk on Showroom Floor
On the showroom floor.
Kiosk Viewport
Last drawing done in the Kiosk.

The Kiosk: site builds

First two days of the on-site Kiosk build was a success. There was even an article in Richmond’s Style Weekly.

Last day of the build will be Saturday, October 15th at Hull St. Public Library. So if you’re around, come and check it out.

Afterward, the kiosk will be presented at the ArchEX East 2011, which runs from November 2-4, and there its study and findings will be discussed.
















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The Kiosk: an update

The Kiosk

The Kiosk: an update

Much progress has been made on the kiosk project mentioned previously here.
Several weekends have been spent in Richmond building the structure and it is nearing completion.













The Kiosk

Thom has been collaborating since January with 14 other architects, architectural interns, and students from around Virginia as part of the 2011 Emerging Leaders in Architecture program, an honors academy organized by the Virginia Society AIA. Part of this collaboration has been a study of the neighborhood of Manchester in Richmond, and the development of a Kiosk to serve as a physical point of conversation and engagement with the community. A portion of the Kiosk was built as a prototype by Thom, Dan Zimmerman, and Amrit Singh this past weekend in Charlottesville. The build will be installed in Manchester in September, and then put on display at this fall’s Architecture Exchange East in Richmond. 


 The Kiosk part 1 prototype, Dan, and Amrit.


Modeling by Amrit

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