End Transmission “Group Exhibition Opening”

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End Transmission

“Group Exhibition Opening”

Opening Reception: Friday February 20th 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Nobile & Amundsen began two years ago as an experimental collaboration with Work Program Architects to contribute to the art dialogue in Norfolk, VA. In that time we’ve been honored to work with talented artists near and far. Thank you, WPA, and everyone else that has supported us. It’s been a fun ride.

Our final exhibit, End Transmission, features artwork by:

Schuyler Beecroft, Hampton Boyer, Adrian Landon Brooks, Christiana Caro, Leigh Anne Chambers, Vittorio Colaizzi, Peter Eudenbach, Sheila Giolitti, Brad Hall, Randy Hess, David Johnson, Bob Lake, Nikki Leone, Christopher Mahonski, Wade Mickley, Daniel Moore, Thomas Moore, Suzanne Peck, Lee Piechoki, Charlotte Potter, John Roth, John Rudel, Tim Skirven, Jason Stick, Jordan Swartz, John Vitale, and Thom White.

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