WPA Retreat!

IMG_6011The WPA team had a fantastic first-ever company retreat in Cape Charles, Virginia.  We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Cape Charles, and it was a perfect fit for fun and learning in a space well-designed for both. We reviewed and analyzed our past 4-1/2 years of growth and success, and set goals for the next 5 years.  The entire WPA team came away even more energized, focused, and excited as we head into  2016, carrying with us a renewed sense of vigor and passion in serving our clients.2015-11-05 14.35.252015-11-05 15.55.37IMG_6003Photo Nov 05, 9 03 14 AMPhoto Nov 05, 3 52 08 PM (1)Photo Nov 05, 3 52 15 PMIMG_60232015-11-05 21.40.54

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