Norfolk, Virginia


Completion Date:

Project Description

The Five Points Community Planning Process was initiated by the City of Norfolk to obtain input on best use of a $500,000 budget from the Neighborhood and Commercial District Capital Program. Over the course of two charrettes, Work Program Architects facilitated conversations and built consensus among community members, business owners, and city representatives in identifying the area’s strengths and weaknesses and future aspirations. WPA sketched with the stakeholders on-site and offered design ideas to address longer term concerns, including modifications to the street pattern, pedestrian improvements and landscape recommendations.

WPA continues to work with the community to implement branding and wayfinding for the Five Points intersection. The project creates a central gathering space that does double duty as community parking lot and event space for markets and craft fairs. New lighting and sidewalks, planters to help provide greenery to the street, and traffic calming strategies are included in infrastructure funding, which is being paired with economic development programs to support the growth of existing and new businesses.