Monticello Arcade Holiday Party



Thanks to all of our friends and neighbors in the Monticello Arcade who put on such a beautiful party, and to Cavalier Land for purchasing three gorgeous trees to line the arcade. Peter had fun Stringing up the lights that draped across the balconies of the arcade, creating a scene reminiscent of the old Granby Street Mall. A big welcome to our new neighbors here NEST home and VIP Nails– we wish everyone in the Arcade much success in 2013! A huge thank you to Cavalier Land for allowing us to keep the arcade open on the weekends; watching people make our arcade part of the their route through downtown Norfolk has been wonderful!

Our other neighbors: Studio Posy, Salon Fringe, and Smooth

NSU // Wayfinding

In coordination with the Norfolk State University Master Plan of 2010, the Wayfinding Program is underway to create a welcoming, accessible and navigable campus. WPA is partnering with SWAY Creative Labs to design the new signage for the campus, which will not only serve off campus traffic, but create recognizable gateways for the first time visitor, allow easy vehicular navigation around the campus perimeter and focus on pedestrian access in the core. This is an exciting opportunity to unify the graphic representation of NSU and create clear, concise signage for all, students and visitors alike.

Below are some recent images of existing campus signage.



208 E. Plume Street  Monticello Arcade, Suite 2 Norfolk, VA 23510 Studio: (757) 227-5310
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208 E. Plume Street
Monticello Arcade, Suite 2
Norfolk, VA 23510
(757) 227-5310
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Website in care of Array Digital