Facing South


Contemporary Southern Photography
Part I: Southern Perspectives
Opening: Friday, September 9, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Popblossom and our Partners, Slover Library Foundation and Work Program Architects, are pleased to present FACING SOUTH Part I: Southern Perspectives, two exhibitions featuring the works of three rising stars of Contemporary Southern Photography, Matt Eich, Susan Worsham & Eliot Dudik. 

FACING SOUTH explores the role photography plays in shaping present-day perceptions of Southern identity. Touching on themes of history, memory, preservation, loss and community, FACING SOUTH reflects upon the Southern experience as well as endeavors to create a context for sharing thoughts and challenging notions about the region.

Dutch Dialogues VA: Life at Sea Level

Photo Jun 20, 1 05 24 PMWPA was excited to partner with the City of Norfolk and City of Hampton to assist in hosting the Dutch Dialogues VA: Life at Sea Level. People living in the Netherlands are surrounded by water and have suffered through flooding for centuries. Due to this experience they realized that the answer was not to build higher barriers, but to figure out how to live more naturally with water. The “Dutch Dialogues” workshops bring together Dutch engineers, urban designers, landscape architects, city planners and soils/hydrology experts and local counterparts to explore creative and innovative solutions to the challenges inherent in living in a coastal city.

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End Transmission “Group Exhibition Opening”

N & Aweb

End Transmission

“Group Exhibition Opening”

Opening Reception: Friday February 20th 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Nobile & Amundsen began two years ago as an experimental collaboration with Work Program Architects to contribute to the art dialogue in Norfolk, VA. In that time we’ve been honored to work with talented artists near and far. Thank you, WPA, and everyone else that has supported us. It’s been a fun ride.

Our final exhibit, End Transmission, features artwork by:

Schuyler Beecroft, Hampton Boyer, Adrian Landon Brooks, Christiana Caro, Leigh Anne Chambers, Vittorio Colaizzi, Peter Eudenbach, Sheila Giolitti, Brad Hall, Randy Hess, David Johnson, Bob Lake, Nikki Leone, Christopher Mahonski, Wade Mickley, Daniel Moore, Thomas Moore, Suzanne Peck, Lee Piechoki, Charlotte Potter, John Roth, John Rudel, Tim Skirven, Jason Stick, Jordan Swartz, John Vitale, and Thom White.

After Party



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Tim Bearse “Bed Nappings and Fruit Off the Vine”

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Tim Bearse

Bed Nappings and Fruit Off the Vine

Opening Reception: Friday December 5th 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Tim Bearse’s sculptures and mixed-media artwork reference the composition, form, and velocity of skateboarding videos. His objects, which at first glance appear to be modernist abstractions, borrow their shape from concrete swimming pools and community-built ramps. The referents, and their larger culture, are specific, though they ultimately point toward something larger: the built environment’s capacity for intervention, collectivization and empathy; the creative potential of kinesthetic awareness; the complexities of tactile, modular forms; and speed as a method of non-lingual communication.

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Paul Simmons “Situation Comedy”

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Paul Simmons

“Situation Comedy”

Opening Reception: Friday October 10th 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Paul Simmons approaches his paintings like a handyman plying his trade. His work imagines a dialogue between crafted objects and fragmented forms, embracing experimentation. Paintings and drywall objects reference the architecture of the viewing space by treating them both as conceptual and concrete terrain to be explored.

His work has been shown at numerous venues including Sculpture Center, Cleveland OH; Golden Parachutes, Berlin DE; Moscow Biennale for Young Art, Moscow RU; and recently at Parallel Art Space, Brooklyn NY. Simmons received his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from The Ohio State University. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


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